Rekomendasi Drakor Underrated

Yo, nih barangkali butuh list drama korea yang underrated. Story line bagus, akting mantap, tapi gak begitu hype jadi kadang kelewat. Kebanyakan drakor baru, tapi ada yang dari >5 tahun lalu juga.

drakor underrated
  1. Introverted Boss
  2. Ghost Detective
  3. White Christmas
  4. Feel Good to Die
  5. Imaginary Cat
  6. What’s Up

Honorable mention

  1. Lookout / The Guardian
  2. Hit the Top
  3. He is psychometric
  4. Rain or Shine / Just Between Lovers
  5. Chicago Typewriter
  6. Age of Youth
  7. Your House Helper
  8. Secret Love Affair
  9. Falling For Innocence
  10. Two Weeks
  11. Red Moon Blue Sea
  12. Modern Farmer (Starring Lee Hong-gi)
  13. Beautiful Mind
  14. Life on Mars
  15. A Poem a Day
  16. Hogo’s Love (Starring Uee, awesome show)
  17. Missing Noir M
  18. Witch’s Love 2014( Starring Park Seo-joon and Uhm Jung-hwa)
  19. Duel (Starring Jung Je-young and Yang Se-jong).

Masih ada sih tapi seperti biasa… capek ngelistnya lol

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